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The mission of Yates Cultural & Recreational Resources, Inc., a not-for-profit community organization, is to enhance the physical and mental well being of Yates County residents by promoting and providing cultural, recreational, athletic, and educational opportunities.

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Dear Supporter,

We have had a challenging and busy year at the Yates Community Fitness Center!

The new Community Fitness Center at 467 North Main Street is open and over 100 people are working out and getting healthy each day! The fitness center is fully equipped with state of the art fitness equipment, personal trainers, Yoga & Pilates classes and weight loss programs.

We need your help to expand the Yates Community Center Complex!

  • YCRR has recently purchased, with an ongoing payment plan, 12.8 acres north and adjacent to the Community Center property. YCRR has partnered with Youth Lacrosse and Youth Soccer and received a $500,000 grant from New York State Parks & Recreation to develop the land into much needed sports fields with picnic pavilions, expanded driveways and parking areas.
  • Youth Lacrosse built a new Lacrosse Box next to the fitness center at 467 North Main Street. The 2017 Summer Box program was a great success.
  • YCRR is also lengthening its walking trails through the scenic woods around the property. The expanded trail is open for your enjoyment. Come take a walk down to Jacobs Creek and enjoy the fresh air and sunshine!
  • YCRR’s future plan includes a field house with a half court gymnasium and discussions about the feasibility of a community pool.

All current and future initiatives require financial resources to maintain and develop.
Yates Community Center needs your support!
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Every penny counts.



Leigh Berry

Yates Community Center
Yates Cultural and Recreational Resources, Inc. (YCRR)