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Yates Community Center COVID-19 UPDATE – March 16, 2020

Dear Members, Guests, and Supporters of our Yates Community Center,

As a pre-emptive measure, and in cooperation with the Yates County initiative to maintain health and safety, the Yates Community Center will suspend operations beginning at 8 pm Monday , March 16th, 2020 until further notice.

Please note: at this point, there has been no case of COVID-19 at our facility.

This decision, as difficult as it was to make, was made per guidelines from our public health authorities, taking into account many other considerations including the safety of our staff, children, seniors, and others in high-risk categories, as COVID-19 issues continue to unfold locally, nationally and internationally. In the end, it will be impossible to know if we overreacted or did too much, but it will be quite apparent if we under reacted or did too little.

Our decision was made because the risk outweighs the reward. We know that the Yates Community Center is a place where people come to de-stress and exercise, participate in programs, make friends, socialize, and achieve personal goals. We also know we do not want to put people at risk of contracting this highly infectious disease. We hope that while we are closed, progress can be made in containing the virus, testing can be performed more rapidly, and movement toward a potential cure can be made. We will stay in constant contact with our health professionals, community partners, staff and members as we learn information and make decisions.

This is an unprecedented situation and will be challenging for us all. As you know, information regarding the coronavirus pandemic is constantly evolving, so, unfortunately, we may not have answers to all your questions. However, we want to reiterate our commitment to our members, employees, volunteers, and the community-at-large. We will work together to address issues that arise due to this closure to support our members.


*During this time, the Yates Community Center asks for your understanding, cooperation, and assistance in supporting our decision. Short term memberships or memberships that will expire within 30 days of our postponement of services will be extended the duration of time that the center is not in operation.

*Long term memberships and/or memberships that expire the end of the year will remain the same. No refunds for memberships will be given.

*If you are an auto-pay member and would like to suspend your automatic payments during this time frame, please contact YCC immediately.

No messages via Social Media Platforms (Face Book/Instagram) about payments and/or memberships will be handled at this time. Phone messages and emails directly to the Center will be answered during adjusted business hours.

Any updates regarding the Yates Community Center status will be communicated via email, the Yates Community Center’s website, Face Book, Instagram and at 315-536-3354.

This will be challenging for us all BUT We’ll get through this together. Thank you for being a part of our family. #MakingYatesYou

Dr. Leigh Berry

Dawn Shipman
Fitness Center Manager

Yates Community Center

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The fitness center offers a variety of classes year round: Yoga, Pilates, Kickboxing and more. Enjoy a walk on the Community Fitness Trail. Personal trainers are available for private sessions.

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Core Adult

YCC offers a wide variety of group fitness classes  for almost every ability and interest.


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ELEVATE Youth is the Yates Community Center’s NEW youth program, bringing creative and engaging opportunities and programming to all Yates County youth and families!

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Stayed tuned for upcoming events at the Yates Community Center: Fitness Classes, Education & Training, Lose & Win Program, and more…

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Fitness Bingo

Yates Community Center Fitness Bingo

*As part of our incentive towards our New Year’s intentions we are offering existing members an opportunity to play and potentially win a 30 day membership! For the months of January, February & March we will be playing fitness bingo!


  • The bingo game will run for the duration of 1 month (A new game each month we are playing)
  • You must be an existing member to play & qualify during the course of the month you are playing
  • We will draw a “Ball” each day of the month which correlates with the fitness related items used on the boards – Daily drawing will be posted on our Facebook & Instagram pages – Yates Community Center #makingyatesyou
  • You can physically do/try the activity drawn for the day if you like – or just dab it off on your board if you have it
  • If you get a regular bingo (Straight line or diagonal only – You can use your free space) – You will receive a 30 day membership good for the following month.
  • Boards will be available at the front desk at the community center! Set you New Year’s intentions & good luck!

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Gift Certificates

Gift Certificates Available – the perfect gift for any occasion!

Exploring Ecology Through Metal: For Teens & Adults

in partnership with ELEVATE Youth and the Yates Community Center

Instructors: Sam Castner and Lindsey Dean
Experience: All levels, ages 13 and up.

Workshop/Materials fee: FREE for 7-12 grade students $225 for ages 18 and above

(materials and lunch included)

Learn the basic techniques used to fabricate metal sculptures while gaining a working skill set, understanding the use of metal fabricating tools and techniques, and learning the connection between different ecological systems. The second half of the workshop we’ll focus on a large-scale, collaborative sculpture to be installed into the Yates Community Center campus located in Penn Yan, NY. Expect to leave with a good foundation for craft, a handcrafted milkweed and monarch butterfly, and an understanding of working with a

community on a large-scale landmark piece. you refresh and refine your craft!

Topics covered will include:

If you have prior experience this class will help

  • shop safety
  • the MIG welding process
  • the plasma cutting process
  • hammering techniques
  • use of tongs, anvils, vises
  • translating small scale models into large, collaborative public sculptures
  • learning the interaction between humans and the environment, and the link between themilkweed and butterfly throughout our communityMaterials and supplies you need to bring:
  • work gloves
  • close-toed shoes or boots
  • non-flammable cotton clothing
  • jeans
  • cotton long-sleeve button-up or work shirt
  • bandana or welding cap
  • water bottle and snacks

Yates Community Center (YCC)

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Yates Community Center’s mission is to provide health, wellness, educational and recreational opportunities to all Yates county residents.

The mission of the Community Center will be accomplished with the support and cooperation of it’s partner programs, Core, Elevate and Our Town Rocks, local sports teams, local organizations, community members, it’s employees, committees and Board of Directors. The Yates Community Center IS it’s partners and programs and together they serve all members of Yates County.

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