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As ELEVATE, we are here to empower our youth and community! If there is an activity or programming you would like to see added at the Community Center, contact Alicen. We welcome you and your ideas and would love to hear more!

Vision: As ELEVATE we envision a vibrant, creative youth who are empowered by adults and peers alike to help them achieve their full potential and then lead others by inspiring them to give, serve and grow.

The ELEVATE Board of Directors has established the following core values to serve as the foundation of our mission:

  • Self-confidence: feeling trust in one’s own abilities, qualities, and judgment.
  • Leadership: guide and motivate others on a course of action to strive towards common goals
  • Responsibility: making independent decisions, acting morally towards one’s self and others, and being accountable for one’s actions.
  • Respect: having deep regard for the abilities, qualities, and achievements of one’s self, others, and the community at large.
  • Volunteerism: to give generously of one’s time, in the service of others, and for the benefit of the community.

Mission: Our mission is to provide experiences that cultivate success and strengthen our community through comprehensive programming for children, youth and families giving them the opportunity to grow in the areas of self confidence, leadership, responsibility and respect and to participate voluntarily in the community.

Our youth are not separate from our community, but an essential part of it. We intend to create and will continually foster a Youth Committee within ELEVATE that will be comprised of children in grades 3-10 from our public schools, private schools and our homeschooled students. We believe by partnering with them, they can develop personal leadership skills, advocacy efforts and represent their peers in the development of programs and activities they believe in. All members of ELEVATE must model positive, responsible, and healthy behavior which in turn will provide the support, encouragement and feedback our youth need for their continued growth as active members of our community.

Inclusion Statement: As ELEVATE, we empower youth. We promote and support community programs that foster personal development. To accomplish this mission, we need to be intentional in our purpose and planning. The ELEVATE Board recognizes that there are barriers which limit individuals from accessing or experiencing the full benefit of the various programs currently offered. To the greatest extent possible, we will ensure that comprehensive programs are carefully planned in order to identify the barriers that may exist, determine action steps to provide reasonable accommodations within our ability, and promote the inclusion of all. Program objectives will be clearly communicated so that parents and guardians can determine what opportunities will be most beneficial to the development of their child.


Youth Program Coordinator

ELEVATE Youth – President

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