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Yates Community Center (YCC)

Our Story

Yates Community Center’s mission is to provide health, wellness, educational and recreational opportunities to all Yates county residents.

The mission of the Community Center will be accomplished with the support and cooperation of it’s partner programs, Core, Elevate and Our Town Rocks, local sports teams, local organizations, community members, it’s employees, committees and Board of Directors. The Yates Community Center IS it’s partners and programs and together they serve all members of Yates County.

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion at the Yates Community Center

  • One of the goals of the Yates Community Center is to embrace inclusiveness within the community that we directly serve. This will allow the free and open exchange of ideas and the establishment of relationships between people of diverse cultures and orientations. This will enhance the development and delivery of our programs, which the community has defined. This goal can be accomplished by ensuring that our staff, board, and volunteers have woven inclusiveness into all aspects of the community center operations.
  • The Yates Community Center’s vision will be realized if inclusiveness is institutionalized and becomes a core value in every aspect of our organization, including: Recruitment (board and staff), Development and Fundraising,Programs, Leadership (board and staff), Learning (board and staff), Retention (board and staff), Staff/board development.
  • We believe that our inclusiveness initiative begins with the celebration of diversity and unique differences among staff, board, volunteers, and donors. We value individual and group differences, and our communications are open and honest.